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Sandy Beach

Shining Reviews


Myah H. 

"As a college student, there is a lot of pressure on post-graduation plans. Whether it is grad school or a job, the stress can particularly be overwhelming if one does not know their purpose. College can only help but so much in helping one find their purpose. Through my journey with Marthony as my life coach, he guided me in helping me find my purpose. Through our sessions and me finding the solutions myself, with the guidance of Marthony, I realized I had the answers all along and just needed the little push in the right direction. I realized that I like helping people and that teaching was my calling. As Marthony taught me to identify the problem he has also helped me find solutions. I now find myself identifying situations within myself and coming up with solutions without our sessions. Marthony has equipped me with necessary skills to combat stress and thrive knowing I have the resources to make my OWN life better."

Andre S.

Going into this process I had set a goal that with this I would learn to better identify my emotions and improve on my communication skills but at the beginning I wasn’t really how that would work. Once we got started however, Marthony was great he didn’t push me in any direction or tell me what to do, however, what he did do was give me the tools that I would need to keep on improving even after our meetings. Now, I’m definitely more confident in my communication skills; I’m able to more properly identify my own emotions and actively communicate those with others.


Sharon H.

"Marthony Hobgood is a phenomenal life Coach.  He is a warm, Friendly, honest, engaging, and a passionate, person.  Marthony Hobgood shows a great deal of compassion, while keenly listening to all my concern and issues.  He never for one moment makes me feel as if he is being judgmental.  Marthony intuitively picks up on my issues and is able make me define and recognize exactly what my problems are, and what is needed to be done to correct them.  He is a master at his craft, and I highly recommend him as a life coach.  He supersedes any and every expectation of what I though a life coach would be.  If you are considering seeking a life coach, look no more!  Marthony Hobgood is all you will need!!  It will be life changing."


Marthony’s life coaching services completely transformed my way of thought and perception of myself. After I completed the sessions, it was extremely obvious to both myself and those around me that I had undergone an extreme transformation. My growth was astronomical, and Marthony’s life coaching services had a tremendous impact on my process. Afterwards, I felt like I had a better understanding of who I was, regardless of the obstacles that I faced and the environment that I was in. I felt more validated, confident, and encouraged. Marthony helped me realize my value and develop effective techniques of dealing with individuals who are in my life and fail to acknowledge my worth (romantically, platonically, professionally, and at a familial level). The improvement that I made was simply remarkable and I would highly recommend Marthony’s life coaching services to anyone.

Taylor F.

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